CMC Care during COVID Pandemic

If you are new to our clinic Welcome! We look forward to supporting you and your family during your pregnancy, labour and postpartum period.

Due to the COVID situation, we have modified the way we are caring for patients.  Our goal is to continue to provide excellent and safe maternity care while minimizing potential exposures for our patients (and wider community). Review our Cowichan Maternity Clinic Reopen Safety Plan for full details.

Please know that if we have booked you for a telehealth/phone appointment, that we are open to discussing an in person visit if you feel it is important. We realize this is a stressful time and please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. Below is a general guide for what you can expect for timing of visits. It will change based on individual pregnancy issues and questions. 

Timing of Visits during Pregnancy

Gestational AgeTelehealth vs In person
First VisitTelehealth or In person
Any visits prior to PhysicalTelehealth 
14-16wks – PhysicalIn person
20 weeksTelehealth (rationale-will have US around this time)
24 weeksTelehealth
26 weeksIn Person
28 weeksTelehealth
30weeksIn Person
32 weeksTelehealth
34 weeksIn Person
36 weeksIn person 
37 weeksTelehealth
38 weeksIn Person
39 weeksTelehealth (unless wants sweep)
40 weeksIn Person
Other visits as issues ariseFirst Telehealth with nurse. May need in person

Timing of Visits Postpartum/Newborn

We will see mom and babe at each visit

Weeks of Age/postpartumTelehealth vs In person
1 weekIn person
2 WeekTelehealth (if all is well)
1 monthIn person
6 weekTelehealth or In person